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Bowl & Lid w/ Spiral Handle

Size (width x height): 4-3/4" x 4-3/8" [bowl: 4" o.d. x 2-3/8" h.]

Glazing*: Wax resist was applied to the joining surface of the lid, then both bowl and lid were fully dipped in lavender satin.
Then a wax resist was added to the edges of the handle, and the handle and most of the upper surface of the lid were dipped in spearmint.
Finally, the rim of the bowl was dipped in spearmint, and more spearmint glaze was puddled in the bottom of the bowl.

This is my Humility Piece. The grooved, spiral handle on the lid was a labor of love. However, I left the lid way too
thick, and it cracked when it dried. I tried scraping and filling, but the crack re-appeared in the bisque firing.
Then I hoped the heavy glaze would flow to fill the crack, but it was not to be.
The crack is now filled with dark epoxy, but a long and wide depression remains.

*Note that glazes are identified by the names used in the Santa Fe College Pottery Studio; they are not universally recognized glaze names.

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