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Small Pitcher

Size (width x height): 5-1/8" x 3-5/8" [bowl: 3-3/8" o.d.]

Glazing*: Fully dipped in glossy white, then the rim and upper handle were dipped in turquoise.

This was an early piece, intended to be a small vase. However, the upper sides got away from me, growing lop-sided.
Rather than simply cutting off the uneven rim (which didn't occur to me), I bent it out into a pitcher spout.
I trimmed too cautiously, so other than the spout and upper wall, most of the piece is thick and heavy.
It will hold about a half-cup (4 oz.) reasonably. This was, however, my first handle.

*Note that glazes are identified by the names used in the Santa Fe College Pottery Studio; they are not universally recognized glaze names.

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