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Garden Pinch Pot

Size (width x height): 3" x 3"

Glazing*: The bottom half of the bowl was dipped in shiny, runny brown; and the upper half was dipped in variegated blue.
The "gravel" inside was divided into two sets, one fully dipped in bone, and one dipped in spearmint; then they were intermingled in the bowl.

Before we did anything on the potter's wheels, we each made one pinch-pot.
I had originally put a circular foot on this pot, but about three-quarters of it broke off in the bisque firing, so I used that and
another broken piece, both broken down further, for the gravel inside, and I made another ring-foot which came out of the bisque-kiln intact.
The two pieces were simply set together in the glaze kiln, and the glaze ran from the bowl to the foot and joined them.
I have a small statuette of two frogs set inside this bowl, out in my front garden.

*Note that glazes are identified by the names used in the Santa Fe College Pottery Studio; they are not universally recognized glaze names.

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