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Bowl & Lid w/ Double-Cylinder Handle

Size (width x height): 4-1/4" x 3-1/2" [bowl: 4" o.d. x 2-1/8" h.]

Glazing*: The bowl was fully dipped in glossy white, then the rim was dipped in spearmint.
Glossy white was poured into the inside of the lid, and the top of the lid was partially dipped in glossy white.
The outer edge of the bowl was also dipped in spearmint.
(The contacting surfaces of lid and bowl were first protected with wax resist.)

The intention for the handle is to braid a thong of leather or sisal to form a loop passing through the cylinders, knotted between them.

*Note that glazes are identified by the names used in the Santa Fe College Pottery Studio; they are not universally recognized glaze names.

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