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Big Mug

Size (width x height): 6-5/8" x 3-7/8" [bowl: 4-5/8" o.d.]

Glazing: Fully dipped in spodumene, then an OM symbol was painted on the outside with wax resist.
The rim was then dipped in mustard gold and the same glaze was poured over the OM symbol with the mug inverted.

I had calculated the necessary dimensions for a mug that would hold 16 oz. after allowing 15% shrinkage in all dimensions.
This mug was made accordingly, and the calculations proved accurate. However, it is arguably the ugliest piece I made all semester.
The dimensions are squat, the handle is inelegant, and the glazing is garish. The OM symbol is largely lost under the flowing glaze.
The handle, ill-advisedly designed to touch the table, has to be unglazed at the bottom, and in fact it was cracked in two places
near its bottom join. The cracks are patched with dark epoxy, which will probably hold, but add further to the mug's homeliness.

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